Alfajores de maicena | #3 Mesa dulce para Baby Shower | Quiero Cupcakes!

Los alfajores de maicena son un delicioso postre típico de la gastronomía argentina. Están hechos con una masa suave y desmenuzable a base de maicena, mantequilla, harina, azúcar impalpable y esencia de vainilla.
La particularidad de estos alfajores es que su relleno se hace con dulce de leche, creando un contraste perfecto entre la suavidad de la masa y la dulzura del dulce de leche. Además, suelen estar espolvoreados con azúcar impalpable por encima, dándoles un toque más estético.

En cuanto a la mesa dulce de un baby shower, es una práctica muy común en la que se preparan diferentes postres y dulces para agasajar a los invitados. Esta mesa suele estar decorada temáticamente acorde al baby shower, utilizando colores y objetos relacionados con la llegada del bebé, como pañales, chupetes, cochecitos, etc.

Los cupcakes son una excelente opción para incluir en una mesa dulce de baby shower. Son pequeños pasteles individuales que se hornean en moldes especiales y se decoran con diferentes tipos de frosting o glaseados, utilizando colores que combinen con el tema del baby shower. Pueden ser decorados con detalles como toppers temáticos, sprinkles coloridos, o incluso con figuritas de bebé comestibles.

En resumen, los alfajores de maicena son una opción deliciosa para incluir en una mesa dulce de baby shower, junto con otras delicias como cupcakes. Ambos postres son muy apreciados por su sabor y son una excelente alternativa para sorprender a los invitados en este tipo de celebraciones.

♡ Vídeo-receta paso a paso para hacer unos alfajores de maicena rellenos de dulce de leche súper ricos. Es un dulce típico de la repostería argentina que me apasiona. Les he puesto, como tradicionalmente se hace, dulce de leche y un poquito de coco rallado. Opcionalmente les podéis espolvorear azúcar glass por encima. ♡

Esta receta forma parte de la serie “Mesa dulce para Baby Shower” que puedes ver aquí:

Vídeo presentación de la mesa dulce:


►► INGREDIENTES ➜ 30 galletas - 15 alfajores ◄◄

● 100g Harina de trigo todo uso (Floja o tipo 0000)
● 100g Mantequilla (manteca en argentina, Uruguay y Paraguay) a temperatura ambiente
● 75g Azúcar glass
● 150g Fécula de maíz o Maizena
● 2 Yemas de Huevos L
● 1 cdta Polvo de hornear (Royal)
● 1/2 cdta Bicarbonato de sodio
● 1 cdta Extracto de vainilla
● 1 cdta Cognac o Brandy
● 1/2 cdta Ralladura de limón

● Dulce de leche

● Coco rallado
● Azúcar glass (opcional)

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Música de Josh Woodward "Crazy Glue"

- 200 gramos de maicena
- 200 gramos de harina
- 200 gramos de manteca
- 200 gramos de azúcar
- 2 yemas de huevo
- 1 cucharadita de esencia de vainilla
- Relleno de dulce de leche

1. En un recipiente, mezcla la maicena y la harina. Reserva.
2. En otro recipiente, bate la manteca junto con el azúcar hasta obtener una mezcla cremosa.
3. Agrega las yemas de huevo y la esencia de vainilla a la mezcla de manteca y azúcar. Mezcla bien.
4. Incorpora gradualmente la mezcla de harina y maicena a la mezcla líquida. Amasa hasta obtener una masa homogénea.
5. Envuelve la masa en papel film y llévala a la nevera por al menos 30 minutos para que tome consistencia.
6. Precalienta el horno a 180°C.
7. Retira la masa de la nevera y estírala con un rodillo sobre una superficie enharinada, hasta que tenga un grosor de aproximadamente 1 centímetro.
8. Corta la masa en círculos utilizando un cortador de galletas.
9. Coloca las galletas en una bandeja de horno previamente engrasada o forrada con papel de hornear.
10. Hornea las galletas durante aproximadamente 10-12 minutos, o hasta que estén ligeramente doradas en los bordes.
11. Retira las galletas del horno y déjalas enfriar completamente.
12. Una vez que las galletas estén frías, únelas de a dos, colocando una cucharada de dulce de leche entre ellas.
13. ¡Listo! Tus alfajores de maicena están listos para ser disfrutados en tu mesa dulce de Baby Shower.

Hi Cupcakers! This week I'll show you the second recipe for the sweets table for Sofía's baby shower. We are going to make something that I love. Alfajores filled with caramel. It's recipe that you have asked me in more than one occasion.

So today I finally bring it to the channel so that you will enjoy it as I do. For the cookies we need: starch from maize or corn starch, wheat flour, egg yolks, butter or as it's known in Argentina manteca. Icing sugar, Cognac or brandy, vanilla extract, zest of lemon, baking soda

And yeast or baking powder. First of all with the help of a colander we are going to sift the starch of maize, flour, the baking soda and the yeast or baking powder. Give a few taps to the strainer and in a few seconds we will have the dried ingredients ready for the recipe.

Reserve it to use them within a short time. Now in the blender, add the butter at room temperature. And beat at medium high speed high for 5 minutes. I'd like to clarify for everyone that follow me from Argentina that I'm using what there is referred to as manteca.

So that there is no confusion. Past those 5 minutes sift the icing sugar on the whipped butter. You can also use powdered sugar. Once sieved we keep beating at medium high for 2 more minutes. Before you add the 2 egg yolks, slightly beat them.

This helps them integrate better with the rest of ingredients. Add them little by little while we beat. And let them blend well in the dough. Once everything is well incorporated We will have a creamy paste of yellowish color. It is time to add the lemon zest, vanilla extract and the brandy or cognac.

We beat a couple of minutes more so the flavors are distributed in the entire dough. When you have it ready, lower the speed of the mixer to the minimum. And start to add little by little the dry ingredients we sifted before.

It is important to do so at very low speed and by tablespoons. Like this the gluten in the flour is not tightened. And when we bake them we don't get a hard biscuit. When finished adding the dry ingredients We let them mix a little more.

Just enough until you see no traces of flour. With the help of a spatula make a ball with the dough. As you can see it has a soft texture but it doesn't stick to your hands. Now the wrap it in plastic wrap and we take it to the fridge for 30 minutes.

After this time the dough has hardened and is perfect for working with it. We sprinkle a bit of flour on the table and the rolling pin. Thus we avoid that the dough gets stuck. Stretch it until it has a thickness of 6 mm.

To trim the dough I used a wavy cutter 5 cm in diameter. But if you do not have this type cutter you can use a glass or any object that serves to trim the dough in a circle. If you see that the dough starts to attach to the cutter.

You can put a little bit of flour and continue cutting without problems. Once we have all the dough cropped remove the pieces remaining. We will be kneading this pieces again cooling them down and stretching them to make more alfajores cookies. We put the cut-out dough in a oven tray with baking paper.

Put them with care so they don't lose shape. And we leave a bit of separation between them since during the baking they expand. When the tray is ready take it to a pre-heated oven at 150 °. You must pay attention when baking your alfajores. Since their main characteristic is their white color.

When you see the edges begin to brown You should remove them from the oven immediately. Once baked let them stand for 10 minutes on a cooling rack. Don't try to move them. We can burn ourselves and we can break the cookies. So we wait little bit longer.

After the 10 minutes place them in the cooling rack to cool completely. When completely cool, we can fill them with caramel. We put a little bit in the middle and with other cookie we pressed slightly so the caramel expands. We cover the sides with grated coconut. This will give it a nice flavor.

It also helps to keep them white and that they don't stain from the caramel. We leave them on a plate or tray while fill the rest of alfajores. Optionally you can sprinkle a little bit of icing sugar over them. I've done it and they look more white

And are more in line with the concept of the sweets table. For your event planning you should know these the cookies can be made up to 4 days in advance. If you keep them in a box they can be kept perfect.

And you can fill them the day before of the event without any problem. There are many types of alfajores and depending on the country, and even the region they can be completely different ones from the others. In the baby shower we had 2 Argentinian guests and I obviously felt a little

Nervous for having made a sweet so traditional in their country. When asked, the 2 gave me their approval. Even one of them told me that they were the same ones her mom made for her. For me to be able to convey feelings is the best reward that pastry gives me.

Therefore, I hope that you try them so that these flavors travel beyond my kitchen. If you liked the video, let me know by clicking the like button. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel so you won't miss my new videos. See you next week with the following video recipe for the sweet’s table.

See you soon Cupcakers!

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