¿Cuál es el mejor ALFAJOR de Argentina? | ¡Compré todos los de la tienda!

El alfajor es un famoso y delicioso dulce típico de Argentina. Se compone de dos galletas suaves y blandas, generalmente rellenas con dulce de leche, y a menudo cubiertas con chocolate o espolvoreadas con azúcar en polvo.

En Argentina, los alfajores son muy populares y existen numerosas marcas y variedades para elegir. Sin embargo, es difícil determinar cuál es el mejor ya que todo depende de los gustos personales de cada individuo.

Algunas marcas reconocidas en Argentina son Havanna, Cachafaz, Guaymallén, Jorgito y Balcarce, entre otras. Estas marcas ofrecen distintos tipos de alfajores, desde los clásicos de dulce de leche y chocolate, hasta variedades con rellenos de frutas o con coberturas de merengue.

La elección del mejor alfajor argentino es subjetiva y puede variar según los gustos de cada persona. Algunos prefieren una capa gruesa de chocolate, mientras que otros prefieren un relleno abundante de dulce de leche. Incluso hay quienes disfrutan de variantes más modernas y creativas, como los alfajores rellenos de mousse o maracuyá.

En definitiva, la mejor manera de decidir cuál es el mejor alfajor de Argentina es probarlos todos y descubrir cuál se adapta mejor a tus preferencias. Así que ¡anímate a comprar diferentes marcas y sabores y disfrutar de esta delicia argentina!

Visita ODOO aquí para aprender más y empezar a diseñar tu sitio web Partes en el video: 00:00 INTRO 00:27 Argentina está llena de alfajores 00:55 ¿Qué es un alfajor exactamente? 02:06 Pueden tener cubierta o no 02:20 Chachafaz 02:49 Milka mousse 04:48 Jorgito de frutilla 05:05 Jorgito alfajorcitos 05:43 Jorgelín 06:15 Alfajores Mórbidos 06:31 Crear paginas web gratis con ODOO 07:31 Aguila mini torta coco 07:57 N B&N (Alfajor muy morbido) 08:27 Block 08:53 Chocofan 09:55 Vauquita 10:46 Pepitos 12:03 Tofi 12:27 ¿Cuáles fueron los mejores? 13:04 Despedida - Cámbiate a PILLOFON, mi compañía telefónica - Checa REY PALOMO, mi marca de ropa - Mi podcast "En Cortinas" - Mi canal de historias @Luisito Comunica Stories ¡SUSCRÍBETE! - Sígueme en Instagram @LuisitoComunica - Sígueme en Facebook - Twitter
- 200 gramos de harina
- 100 gramos de maicena
- 200 gramos de azúcar
- 200 gramos de manteca
- 2 cucharaditas de esencia de vainilla
- 2 huevos
- Dulce de leche
- Coco rallado (opcional)

1. En un tazón grande, mezcla la harina, la maicena y el azúcar.
2. Agrega la manteca y mezcla con las manos hasta obtener una textura arenosa.
3. Añade los huevos y la esencia de vainilla, y amasa hasta formar una masa suave.
4. Envuelve la masa en papel film y refrigera durante al menos 1 hora.
5. Precalienta el horno a 180°C.
6. Estira la masa con un rodillo hasta obtener un grosor de aproximadamente medio centímetro.
7. Corta la masa en círculos del tamaño deseado para tus alfajores.
8. Coloca los círculos de masa sobre una bandeja para horno con papel de hornear y hornéalos durante 12-15 minutos, o hasta que estén ligeramente dorados.
9. Deja enfriar los círculos de masa completamente.
10. Toma un círculo de masa y extiende una generosa cantidad de dulce de leche sobre él.
11. Cubre con otro círculo de masa y presiona ligeramente para unirlos.
12. Repite el proceso hasta que hayas utilizado todos los círculos de masa.
13. Opcionalmente, puedes espolvorear coco rallado sobre los alfajores para decorar.
14. ¡Disfruta de los mejores alfajores de Argentina!

Ten en cuenta que esta es una receta genérica de alfajores. Dependiendo de la marca y la región de Argentina, la receta puede variar ligeramente.

Which is the best Alfajor in Argentina? In this fattening high-calorie video, and sugar. Chubby Luisillo will try to find out. This is a video that got me excited, okay, recently you know, I was in beautiful Argentina. Oh! how beautiful country. Lots of Fernet, lots of empanadas,

Lots of tango, but above all, lots of Alfajor. I'm telling you that in the little stores, any kiosk, any corner store has sections dedicated just to Alfajor. There are small ones and there are big ones, there are two, three and even 4 levels, there are

Local and international brands. Argentina is crazy about Alfajores and it is completely understandable, okay, they are so delicious, they are very tasty. For those watching the video, that

Are wondering what an Alfajor is, I'll explain it to you. It's basically two cookies with something in the middle. It's usually caramel sauce, but it can also be some jelly, some jam or marmalade. You'll learn it

Throughout the video. I gave myself the task of going to a little store and stuck up with the ones that caught my attention the most. I have 28 different types of Alfajores, an apology if any of them are

Are half crushed, half flat, half broken. A lot of things could have happened on the suitcase. Let's begin this nosh-up, this tasting of delicious authentically Argentine Alfajores Let's hit it! These are too many, let's start okay. And I'll try to be brief, so this video does not last like 48 minutes, a movie okay. A documentary: The Alfajor, dreams, defeats and tastiness.

Okay, well I believe with the classic ones. This brand of here Cachafaz, is like a classic. I also bought this other type. Look, it's like transparent because the Alfajor, that's interesting,

Can be covered or not, okay- It can be covered with chocolate just like this, okay. There we see the chocolate coat. This is clearly caramel sauce, and this is the other kind, in fact, it's the same

Brand. Look, this one is not chocolate covered but it's kind of sprinkled with sugar. Oh no, it's not true, it's striped coconut. Yes, it can vary a lot. So let's see: Cachafaz A lot of caramel sauce inside

I like more the one with the chocolate coating. Both with two layered, taste very traditional. 9 of 10. It's Milka's turn, you know Milka the international chocolates brand. At

Argentina there is a lot of presence of this brand, okay. And obviously they weren't going to miss out on it. Obviously they were going to bring out their versions of the Alfajor. Check this out from 3 floors mousse, white,

Classic caramel sauce, and caramel sauce with oreo. Look there is a single oreo like this but this is the combo. So let's see how about the Milka ones. That as much as it's an international brand,

They are made in Argentina territory Okay. So, oh no! this one looks morbid ... Oh! how tasty Milka's chocolate is. tasty!! Oh Wow! I'm not a really religious spiritual man but I think that from now on I'll believe in miracles!! This

Combination is excellent because it is made with oreo cookie! Wow, Wow this is the oreo cream and caramel sauce underneath. No it should be illegal. Something so delicious it's addictive, nonetheless,

I'll say it like this, it's very cloying, okay, I've had two bites and I already feel like I need a sip of water. So, I'm actually going to give it an 8, because it's so cloying. The white one,

I don't know if I love the fact that they're three floors. I think it's too much but let's see. Oh wow, you know something these have and the others not, the cookies are crunchy, the other one was very soft. This is not cloying... nine of ten. Mousse, normal...

There's not much more to comment, it tastes just as good. And caramel sauce, look at this one, try to imitate the original recipe and they did pretty well, 8.5 Let's go back to local brands. This one clearly says

Argentina industry. And let's try the Jorgito's. Jorgito is very popular. He is the popular boy from school. Everybody wants with him. Fruit Jorgito... glazed and with jam inside.

Oh wow, it's what the Argentines call "La frutilla", the strawberry. I'm going to give this one a nine. Little Jorgitos,. Although it's the same thing but small. I will say that the glazed

Part on this one tastes too much. I'll stick with the big version, although the little one is good for a little craving, 8.5 Vanilla Jorgito... Oh Jorgito likes it sweetened...

No, Jorgito is not chocolaty. Jorgito is that weird kid at school who later became very successful. Oh! This one is made of caramel sauce. I will say that caramel sauce is not Jorgito's main. Jorgito, bro...

Keep with the strawberry jam. And this other one is called Jorgelin, that I imagine is from the same company as Jorgito, .he's just like the weird cousin, The Sponge

Bob elongated. And I think this one has like more layers, or how it's going to be different? Yeah yeah this one is

Triple. This one is triple, I don't know what it is. Caramel sauce in fact. The same more or less to be truth. So yeah yeah, I've already felt it too sweet. I think they're going to go down in the rating because I've eaten a lot that

They're going to get more and more cloying to me. Thank you, now let's make a section of Alfajores that look super morbid. Brownie eagle, n white and black, block chocofan, this one looks gross,

And trishot. Wow these are too many Alfajores, I already want to start my own brand of these sweets. Make my website, we sell Alfajores Chubby Luisillo. And of course I would make my web site using Odu. It is a software designed for business management.

You do everything, from accounting. human resources, marketing... And you can also make your own web site in a very simple way. It is designed for people who are not experts in the field, can make their own

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More applications you enter on a paid plan which is quite fair. Odu gives you unlimited hosting and support included unlimited and custom domain names free for one year. So easy, drag and drop, you don't need much technical skill. Check it out

I leave a link below in the description- Great for people who are just starting out, for example, a business. Let's continue, this one is called mini Torta. Oh, it's mini cake topped with coconut. This one I feel it's an express heart attack

It's got cream. it's got a little cream on the bottom which I think is coconut. Good notes 8.5 out of 10. The black and white one I feel that has nuts in it. There's no limits in the Alfajores. Limits are set by your imagination.

Lots of dough. Too much dough between layers of exquisite stuffed. 7 The brownie one makes me curious. Oh with sprinkles on top Oh no! a lot of dough. My mouth is having a hard time chewing. 7 And let's see this one. My guide

Told me so good about these, the Bloc. Because they have like a lot of nuts in between. Let's see. Oh Yes! So crunchy cookie and everything. The center has nuts in it. I loved this one The middle is so, so sweet, however I do give it

An 8. Chocofan mini Torta... Oh okay there can be square Alfajores, that crashed a little bit on the plane. I didn't know that, I thought they had to be all round like the ones we've tested. But these Brothers wanted to break the stereotype.

I get it, that's why it's called a mini cake, because it's like a birthday cake. A birthday cake, I don't know if I love the alteration of the recipe. Too soft, I prefer them crunchy 6.5 T Trishot, this one I feel it's going to be

More of the same- This one did melt hard. Ended up all mellow The cookie, Yeah it's kind of crunchy. It's got a good amount of nuts,. It's not caramel sauce, it is chocolate. 8.5 Now let's go to this other brand that is called Vauquita.

Vauquita makes many kinds of candies in Argentina. Argentina they even sell little cups like this dulce de leche the dulce de leche bar obviously they had to go into business the alfajor they have these ones that say they are they changed the recipe abruptly

I'm very curious, something tells me that I'm going to love this one in that frosting. what a brutality this has been my favorite because it's not cloying it's very crunchy and exquisite I at

The same but with chocolate provechito same thing with another topping I liked the strawberry one better. I'm going to give this one a well-deserved 95 eight or five. I don't know how much the Argentinians like that

Have modified the recipe so much with crispy rice I read them below please but I personally love it. fascinated and now we go with international brands we have the one with oreo and we have the one with Pepito's that at

In other parts of the world is chipsajoy let's analyze how how big the alfajor fever is in Argentina. that even oreo of course had to climb on the calemos trend [Music]. what's really yummy is that the cremita in the and it's the same as the oreo.

It gives it a very special touch however the truth is if it's really hard to get it to be lined. Let's give him his eight chips today or else Pepito mmm same problem I don't know what they're up to with this one

Fever this hobby of lining everything with chocolate already biting it I realize that in effects they are pure chicha cookies and pure Pepito cookies then basically Pepito cookies with chocolate in the middle

Then chocolate outside is too much chocolate no I don't know maybe it's because of the tasting point at the one we're going but I think I would have liked it better without the chocolate outer coating its eight Se

Won too. And finally the last alfajor of the day which I day which I think was already too many alfajores. I'm really sick and tired of eating so much candy. I never thought I'd say that in my life.

My life I am a sweet tooth but I am tired I am tired to see how about what the tofi Oh the tofi has to offer.

This one did arrive well shattered from the plane arrived Undone the tremendous Ok what was left what was left what was left

From the alfajor tofi it went bad to my brother was raw to work raw and sleepless that's what you look like when you go to work and sleepless at work that's how your boss sees you. boss the classic recipe I'm going to give you your 7.5 So

That's it so we conclude this tasting of Argentinean alfajores my favorite Argentinian alfajores were let's see Milka I liked them very much. They were very tasty too. the bauquita Uff bezos de arroz, what a brutality.

And the Jorgito los jorgitos I remember that I thought it was crunchy enough the cookie a good amount of marmalade yes those are my top 3 let's give it up for Los Tremendous winners of the alfajor world championship of Luisillo el Gordillo Milka bauquita and Jorgito

Tell me which ones are your favorite ones. Which ones you like. Which ones I missed trying. Like "Luisito I can't believe you haven't tried this one because it's too iconic" Please I read you down here in the comments below. Thank you so much for joining me.

I'm retiring to drink lots of water, lie down and not eat chocolate for about five days. I think with five days without chocolate. Okay bye, see you in a few days with a new video. Bye bye

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