El curso de postres saludables se enfoca en enseñar a los participantes a preparar deliciosos postres veganos que sean fáciles de hacer y saludables para todos. Durante el curso, los estudiantes aprenderán a utilizar ingredientes naturales y alternativas saludables para crear postres deliciosos, como helados, pasteles, galletas y postres a base de frutas.

Los participantes obtendrán conocimientos sobre técnicas de cocina vegana, tips para sustituir ingredientes no saludables por opciones más nutritivas y deliciosas, así como recetas paso a paso para crear postres que satisfagan el antojo dulce de una manera nutritiva y consciente.

El enfoque del curso es fomentar el bienestar y la alimentación saludable, proporcionando a los participantes las herramientas necesarias para disfrutar de deliciosos postres de una manera más saludable y equilibrada. Además, se promueve el aprendizaje de manera accesible y práctica para que cualquiera pueda poner en práctica lo aprendido y disfrutar de postres saludables en su día a día.

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Hoy te presento una receta deliciosa de postre vegano fácil y saludable que podrás disfrutar en cualquier momento. ¡Vamos a preparar unas deliciosas trufas de chocolate!

- 1 taza de dátiles deshuesados
- 1 taza de nueces
- 2 cucharadas de cacao en polvo
- 1 cucharadita de esencia de vainilla
- Coco rallado (opcional)

1. En primer lugar, remoja los dátiles en agua caliente durante 10 minutos para que se ablanden.
2. Luego, pon las nueces en un procesador de alimentos y tritúralas hasta que queden finamente picadas.
3. Añade los dátiles escurridos, el cacao en polvo y la esencia de vainilla al procesador de alimentos. Tritúralo todo junto hasta obtener una masa pegajosa.
4. Con la masa resultante, forma pequeñas bolitas y luego pásalas por coco rallado si lo deseas.
5. Coloca las trufas en una bandeja y déjalas enfriar en el refrigerador durante al menos una hora antes de servir.

¡Listo! Ahora puedes disfrutar de unas deliciosas trufas de chocolate veganas y saludables. ¡Espero que disfrutes de esta receta y te animes a explorar más postres veganos saludables en el futuro! ¡Buen provecho!

Welcome to our world of desserts vegans most people think that vegan desserts are boring and no flavor but they're wrong on this one video we are going to show you that the vegan desserts can be so delicious as conventional and much healthier I want to offer you

Two things that will be of great interest for you but before that I want them share an information that can surprise them Did you know vegan baking can be more delicious and satisfying than conventional pastry I promise you that you will be surprised how good the taste vegan desserts plus statistics

Show that people who consume a diet based on vegan foods have better health and a quality of higher life according to study recent the number of people interested in vegan food has increased by 300% in the last five years also the vegan dessert market is growing rapidly and is expected

That reaches a value of more than 20 thousand million dollars in 2025 according to a survey of 83% of consumers who buy vegan products do so for ethical and environmental reasons showing a growing interest in sustainability and protection of animals another recent study says that 78% of people who adopted a diet

Vegan reported an improvement in their health general including increased energy and a reduction in symptoms of chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes i got you one story about this so far These They are only data but I want to tell you something more personal my father when he was

27 year old used a lot sweets and ate poorly until that one day suddenly he began to feel badly felt as if the spirit had left him I would like to get out of the weak body tide and with blurred vision he arrived at the hospital and guess he was diagnosed with diabetes

He felt as if a bucket of fell on him ice cold water on top I knew I couldn't anymore consume as many sweets as I wanted and that he should control himself infinitely more with feeding him If I had known that there are desserts made in a way

Healthy or if he cared about eat healthier maybe not I would have suffered from the disease that today yes suffer why I tell you this story Well, because I don't want it to happen to you or you or yours if there was one way to avoid that kind of realities

You would not take the bull by the horns and you would make smarter decisions before it's too late we understand that for many it can be difficult to make changes in your diet either for the taste or simply because don't take the step but believe us when we say investment in your health

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Each one of them bought it put it in practice and now enjoy good results the developer of this master class calls Carolina Portilla pastry chef with more than eight years of experience in the elaboration of cakes for children's parties Social gatherings Birthdays Weddings

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Improve your health and enjoy desserts delicious at a very good price Click to the link below in the description Thank you for watching this video Give it a like Comment and subscribe see you later

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