LA MOZZARELLA VEGANA INSUPERABLE - #VeganHacking - Queso vegetal

La mozzarella vegana insuperable es un queso basado en plantas que ha ganado popularidad entre los seguidores de la dieta vegana y aquellos que buscan opciones libres de lácteos. Es conocida por su sabor delicioso y su consistencia similar a la de la mozzarella tradicional hecha con leche de vaca.

Este tipo de queso vegano se produce utilizando ingredientes vegetales como nueces de anacardo, almendras o tofu como base. Estos ingredientes se mezclan con aceites vegetales, levadura nutricional y especias para obtener el sabor y la textura deseada.

La mozzarella vegana insuperable es ideal para fundir, por lo que es una excelente opción para pizzas, lasañas, sándwiches y otros platos que tradicionalmente contienen queso derretido. Además, no contiene lactosa ni caseína, lo que la hace apta para personas con intolerancia a la lactosa o alergias a los lácteos.

#VeganHacking es un hashtag utilizado en las redes sociales para promover y compartir ideas, recetas y productos veganos innovadores. Es una forma de explorar nuevas formas de disfrutar de una alimentación basada en plantas con platos deliciosos y creativos.

En resumen, la mozzarella vegana insuperable es una alternativa deliciosa y saludable para aquellos que siguen una dieta vegana o que buscan opciones libres de lácteos. Con su increíble sabor y textura, se ha convertido en una opción popular para aquellos que desean disfrutar de platos con queso sin tener que recurrir a productos de origen animal.

Como avisé, sigue la continuación infernal de nuevos quesos veganos producto de la investigación y constantes ganas de superarnos. Ver en más detalle Y RESPONDO TODOS LOS COMENTARIOS en la web Contacto: escríbeme a Para estar actualizado SUSCRIBETE al canal También puedes seguirnos en Facebook Instagram Twitter Opcional para que no quede demasiado transparente al derretir unas gotas de colorante blanco y 50 g de zanahoria cruda. La zanahoria batirla junto a los anacardos oa la leche vegetal elegida. Las gotas de colorante blanco agregarla después de agregar los almidones.
- 1 taza de anacardos crudos (remojados en agua durante al menos 4 horas)
- 1 cucharada de levadura nutricional
- 1 cucharada de jugo de limón
- 1 cucharadita de sal
- 1 cucharadita de ajo en polvo
- 1/4 de taza de aceite de oliva
- 1/2 taza de agua filtrada

1. Escurre y enjuaga los anacardos remojados para eliminar cualquier residuo.
2. Coloca los anacardos en un procesador de alimentos y añade la levadura nutricional, el jugo de limón, la sal, el ajo en polvo, el aceite de oliva y el agua filtrada.
3. Procesa todos los ingredientes hasta obtener una mezcla suave y cremosa. Puedes añadir más agua si es necesario para obtener la consistencia deseada.
4. Vierte la mezcla en un recipiente apto para hornear y deja reposar durante al menos 4 horas en el frigorífico para que se endurezca.
5. Una vez que la mozzarella vegana esté firme, puedes desmoldarla y cortarla en rodajas o cubos.
6. Puedes utilizarla en ensaladas, en sándwiches o fundirla en pizzas o gratinados.

¡Disfruta de esta deliciosa mozzarella vegana! #VeganHacking

This what is the fourth version of I bring mozzarella to the canal? This is the insuperable. We start by fermenting a liter of milk cashew nuts, which I made with a cup of cashews, that is 160 grams and a liter of

Unchlorinated water or mineral water. It is warm at 35 degrees, more or less. We are going to throw a little bit of cheese ferment, to ferment it or they can also add it two tablespoons of rejuvelac and one or two probiotic capsules. So with that

Let's ferment the cashew milk so that it generates lactic acid look at what I am giving we shake well and how is a mesophilic ferment to room temperature will ferment well so 24 hours we let it ferment Try to have all the ingredients prepared and heavy here we have salt

Our olive essence that can be replaced by two tablespoons of olive oil but it's better to do it so because it is richer they can see how to make it in the VIOHACK cheese the water melted coconut oil here we have our cashew milk that is already fostered for several more hours or

Less has been 18 hours in fermentation which is enough cornstarch waxy i use this brand 360 grams i'm going to use i ran out so just I had left to grow this mozzarella because it is a large mozzarella too what am I going to do and cornstarch modified 150 grams this can

Replace with cornstarch but it is a lot better the modified corn starch I bought this brand and the kilo comes out three euros with 20 and well the truth that it's fine but it's good if they can't get modified starch just bought online I bought it they put cornstarch

And if they can't get the starch from corn growers or that they already know it glutinous rice starch very well let's start mixing the ingredients here we are well ours to be to Carlos Perez Mentado and we will put three cups or 750 milliliters

Now we add little by little in the same sense once you finished with the starch of corn I add the modified starch it you can add the scoop guys howitzer and a little bit quite on his forehead I'm going to go over the sides with a spatula so that going around lumps

I'm going chicha we put it at a minimum and it is the moment to add the rest to the ingredients 3 teaspoons of salt or 15 grams a tablespoon of our essence of olives or olive oil a few drops of

Essence so they are the only ones that I found but there are many there are several varieties scientific probes finally I will add 260 grams melted coconut oil it is very important that you have prepared a tablespoon of starch either one has starch modified better

With 3 or 4 tablespoons of our milk or Water better than the milk they used or the base that they used for the cheese we dissolve the starch here and we have this prepared because when the cooking ends

Let's take the tablespoon and follow it whisking and this is going to make the oil that it separates from the cheese integrate again and we have a cheese super smooth with no oil lumps to see we put the cheese is not filtered

Because there is always some rest of cashews may be of some brown granite to create a black granite so I don't stay in the cheese I have filtered with a filter bag we are going to cook it as we cook other cheeses to a minimum and stirring constantly having on hand a

Minipimer and a silicone valve when you see that it is beginning to accumulate some group underneath we take off fine with the wire whisk and we hit the same guy and as you can see it is already quite thick it should be about 60 degrees helped me with the spatula

To take off from below so something stuck in the lump or something obviously with a thermomix it would be a lot easier but don't worry if he loses a little oil you cook when see that oil is already starting to accumulate what we are going to do

Our milk and starch preparation and we take very little we put out the fire a few seconds we put other droplets on the edge once we have managed to put everything together the oil again we continue cooking

Over low heat until the texture is obtained that we want, I'm going to show you what it is not at all because this is almost fine is the point when you guys have a single mass that moves whole alone take a good look at how it falls

If they have oil around they have to remove because later when they cool the cheese is going to be hard inside of the cheese and it's horrible so to eliminate them you already know a little bit of the starch the starch with the milk and put out the fire

This cheese is already I will put out the fire with the spatula I will lift the edges so I don't stay cooked below that above you know gotten up we quickly pass it to the mold wonders you can super good how it sticks all of the pot

Because it is well cooked perfect come on to let it cool 5 minutes before put the paper the plastic wrap on above and then at room temperature and then to the fridge for 48 or 72 hours it must stand firm we are ariel five minutes later I put the film above

And we will let it cool until get to room temperature and then to the fridge the best way to try a mozzarella that with a pizza is not true is I will show it has 72 hours in the fridge is very hard

Its soft and I like that it does not have pieces of coconut fat nowhere we will weigh when we have mozzarella with this recipe one kilo 450 one kilo 460 good girl smells very good for my taste is too white maybe I would put a little bit of beta carotene to give

A shade either mozzarella but it smells really good of a lot of life that is, more to fail here for what pride Market Stall love you dislike me like a low breath the pizza is already made caesar if you want see how I make my pizza in dimension

Vegan good style pizza pan airs I put it there I explain how I do this dough as I leave it that beautiful and all of course d the night olives in the middle I am very olive in the middle but for pizza with a little olive oil paint

The edges so they fit well crispy baked i ah get the pizza and wait i put a bit of my desire for favor and samu not satisfied I hope you have liked this recipe if you liked share I already have two ways thought of how to overcome this recipe a

Little color because the color that a little there is too much white or a touch transparent when it melts it can correct and the other then them I will say ask comment see you the next cheese investigation video from a salami salami

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