Sin Leche, Sin Huevos, Sin Mantequilla - El Mejor Brownie de Chocolate Vegano

"Sin Leche, Sin Huevos, Sin Mantequilla - El Mejor Brownie de Chocolate Vegano" es una deliciosa y saludable receta de brownie que no contiene ingredientes de origen animal. Esta receta es perfecta tanto para veganos como para aquellos que buscan opciones más saludables y conscientes en su alimentación.

Los ingredientes principales de este brownie son harina de trigo, azúcar moreno, cacao en polvo sin azúcar, aceite vegetal (como el de coco o girasol), leche vegetal (como la de almendra o soja), extracto de vainilla, sal y levadura en polvo.

La preparación es muy sencilla. En un recipiente, se mezcla la harina, el azúcar, el cacao en polvo, la levadura en polvo y la sal. A continuación, se añade el aceite vegetal, la leche vegetal y el extracto de vainilla. Se mezcla todo hasta obtener una masa homogénea.

Una vez que la masa esté lista, se vierte en un molde previamente engrasado y se hornea a una temperatura de 180 grados Celsius durante aproximadamente 25 minutos, o hasta que al insertar un palillo en el centro, este salga limpio.

El resultado es un brownie de chocolate vegano esponjoso, jugoso y lleno de sabor, ideal para acompañar con una taza de café o té. Puedes disfrutarlo tal cual o añadirle ingredientes adicionales como nueces, chispas de chocolate vegano o trozos de frutas. Además, puedes decorarlo con un poco de azúcar glas o servirlo con helado vegano para darle un toque más especial.

"Sin Leche, Sin Huevos, Sin Mantequilla - El Mejor Brownie de Chocolate Vegano" es una receta fácil de preparar, con ingredientes accesibles y resultados garantizados. Es una opción perfecta para aquellos que buscan disfrutar de un postre rico y sabroso sin utilizar productos de origen animal. ¡Anímate a probarlo y sorprende a tus amigos y familiares con este delicioso brownie vegano!

#brownievegano #browniedecocolate Hola amigos. Hoy preparamos un delicioso brownie vegano de chocolate. Es una receta fácil y económica. Probarlo, seguro os va a gustar. Ingredientes: 2 tazas de harina-400 g 3 cucharadas de cacao-40 g una cucharada de polvo de hornear-10 g una taza de leche de almendras o cualquier otra leche vegetal media taza de aceite-150ml una taza no muy llena de azúcar- 180 g 3 puñados de pasas una cucharadita esencia de ron u otro aroma Para decoración 2 puñados de nueces molidas chocolate negro rallado opcional Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest Tik Tok Mi blog de recetas escritas: enlace tienda Amazon

- 1 taza de harina de trigo
- 1 taza de azúcar
- 1/2 taza de cacao en polvo sin azúcar
- 1/2 cucharadita de sal
- 1/2 cucharadita de bicarbonato de sodio
- 1/4 taza de aceite de coco derretido
- 1 taza de agua caliente
- 1 cucharadita de extracto de vainilla


1. Precalienta el horno a 180°C y engrasa un molde para brownies.

2. En un recipiente grande, mezcla la harina, el azúcar, el cacao en polvo, la sal y el bicarbonato de sodio.

3. Agrega el aceite de coco derretido, el agua caliente y el extracto de vainilla a la mezcla seca. Revuelve bien hasta que todos los ingredientes estén completamente incorporados.

4. Vierte la masa en el molde para brownies, asegurándote de distribuirla de manera uniforme.

5. Hornea durante aproximadamente 25-30 minutos, o hasta que un palillo insertado en el centro salga limpio.

6. Deja enfriar completamente antes de cortar en cuadritos y disfrutar.

Este brownie vegano es perfecto para aquellos que siguen una dieta sin leche, huevos y mantequilla, pero aún así quieren disfrutar de un delicioso postre de chocolate. ¡Disfrútalo solo o acompáñalo con helado vegano!

Hello friends welcome once again to my channel today we prepare a brownie diet chocolate or rather vegan we are not going to use neither milk nor eggs and not butter you will see that it is a recipe super easy and also the brownies are going to be super delicious stay

With me until the end to see the ingredients and how to prepare and step you can subscribe to the channel if you have not done it yet as you know it is totally free do not forget to activate the bell to be notified every time that I upload a new recipe and

You can also leave me a comment to tell me how you liked today's recipe and now we really start, in a large bowl we are going to put two large cups of flour as you can see I have here's a cup that I've already put in the

Bowl and now I'm going to put the second one I've already sifted the first cup now I'm going to sift the second one too. each cup full of flour weighs 200 grams in total we have to use 400 grams of flour it is very important to sift

The flour before using it because this way it will oxygenate the flour particles and the cupcakes will be tender and fluffy over the flour we will also sift three tablespoons of cocoa powder are 40 grams of cocoa or cocoa as it is known in other countries we also add a tablespoon of baking

Powder or chemical yeast that are 10 grams and now with the help of a spoon we are going to stir the ingredients to obtain a homogeneous mixture we set aside the bowl with the dry ingredients and we will continue with the others ingredients in another bowl we are going to add a cup

Large vegetable milk I have used almond milk that are 300 milliliters we also put half a cup of oil can be sunflower or light olive is approximately 150 milliliters we also put a cup not very full of sugar that is 180 grams if you like the brownie to be very

Sweet then you can add the cup full of sugar and at the end we can add the aroma that we like the most I have added an aroma of rum but if you don't have it you can add vanilla or another aroma that you like, we beat

Well with some manual rods until the sugar is well dissolved and we are going to obtain a homogeneous mixture and now on the liquid ingredients we are going to start adding the ingredients solids, that is, the flour with the cocoa and the baking powder, we add two or three tablespoons of the dry

Ingredients and we are going to stir with the rods until they are incorporated and we continue doing this process until we are going to finish incorporating all the dry ingredients at the end if you liked this recipe do not forget to like and share the video with your friends

On social networks because I It would help a lot to be able to continue publishing more recipes for you. the oven has to be preheated to 180 degrees centigrade or 356 degrees fahrenheit with heat up and down I have finished incorporating the flour when the cocoa and as you can see

My dough has turned out a little thicker than normal because now depending on the type of flour that we are using can contain more or less water and now I am going to add a little more vegetable milk approximately 50 milliliters but I am going to add it little

Little by little, you do the same if it happens to you like me, first we add a little vegetable milk we stir well with the rods and so on until we are going to obtain the desired consistency and in the end I am going to show you how to keep our brownie mix

And this is how it has to stay it has to fall like a ribbon down when we raise the rods, notice it is a little fluid but at the same time creamy and on top of the brownie mix we are going to add about three handfuls of raisins I have used

Approximately 80 grams stir again with the rods to incorporate the raisins now it's time to add our brownie mix into the pan where we we are going to bake before I have lined the mold with parchment paper or parchment paper sulfurized, the dimensions of my mold are 25 centimeters long by 21

Centimeters wide but you can use any type of mold that have at home with the approximate dimensions of this mold, we distribute well the mixture over the entire surface of the mold then we are going to level it a little with the spatula

And in the end we are going to sprinkle all over the surface of the brownie ground walnuts the amount of ground walnuts is a little to the taste of each one you can add more or less but I tell you that I have ground about two handfuls of walnuts

Now with a tablespoon we are going to put a little pressure on the nuts to that enters a little in the mixture of our brownie we are going to take our brownie to the oven for approximately 40 minutes or we do the toothpick test if the toothpick comes out clean it means that

Our brownie is ready after 35 minutes you can do the test of the toothpick because now depending on each oven it can take more or less and then After 40 minutes, my brownie is ready. I have also tested the toothpick, the toothpick came out clean

Now I'm going to let it cool for a few 5 minutes inside the mold and then I'm going to take it out on a rack where it it will stay until it cools completely but before removing it from the mold an idea has occurred to me

Because it is still hot and I am going to add some chocolate noodles on top this step is optional if you like well if you can't leave the brownie like this because it will be just as delicious I have you what to say that the chocolate that has

Been added at the end is a dark chocolate that does not contain any ingredients of animal origin In fact, as I told you at the beginning, the cake is totally vegan and when the brownie has cooled we can cut it in the desired shape I'm going to

Cut it into squares to cut the brownie I advise you to use a serrated knife the one we use to cut bread because of this way will cut the cake very well And here the final result of our brownies look how good it looks I have to say it smells great too now I'm going to break a piece down the half so you can see how it is inside too the brownie is very tender and fluffy at

The same time the grapes look good too raisins come on it's a wonderful cake I invite you to prepare it yourselves also because I'm sure you're going to love it and as you've seen without ingredients of animal origin you can also prepare a chocolate brownie delicious. friends until here

Today's recipe I hope you liked it and that you also prepare this sweet so delicious do not forget that you can also follow me on the networks I leave you the links in the description box where you can also you can find the link to my cooking

Blog here you will find a great variety of written recipes that you can save, print or simply share with your friends thank you all for watching this video take care of yourselves and until the next recipe

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