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Vegan Raspberry Macarons made with the French method. Learn how to make vegan macarons! I show the step by step in this video on how to make vegan macaron shells. They are filled with Vegan Raspberry Buttercream and raspberry jam.

Full recipe:

Vegan Macaron Shells
110 grams almond flour
110 grams powdered sugar
75 grams aquafaba
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
66 grams granulated sugar

Vegan Raspberry Buttercream
4 tbsp vegan butter (56 grams)
1 cup powdered sugar sifted (125 grams)
3 tbsp powdered freeze dried raspberry (19 grams)

To assemble
1/4 cup raspberry jam
1 drop pink food coloring
1/4 -1/2 tsp clear liquor I used rum


Aquafaba is the water you obtain from cooking chickpeas (or other legumes). The aquafaba I use is water drained from a chickpea can. I prefer low or no sodium chickpea water, mainly because of the taste, I feel like the salted chickpea water adds a weird taste to meringues and such. Some people like to boil their own chickpeas to obtain the aquafaba, and you can do that, but make sure to study what are the best ratios water:chickpeas so your aquafaba is concentrated enough

Aquafaba: I used to reduce the aquafaba before. But lately, I haven’t been reducing it anymore, and it works just fine. If you do want to reduce the aquafaba, place 150 grams of aquafaba in a small saucepan and bring to a boil, simmer until it reduces to about half. I recommend using the aquafaba straight from the chickpea can.

Macaronage: Do not let the batter reach ribbon stage. If it reaches ribbon stage it will be over mixed, the batter is supposed to be thick. Watch my videos on YouTube to see what it should look like.

Thick batter: If the batter is too thick while mixing, add a teaspoon of aquafaba as you mix, until you obtain the perfect consistency.

Oven thermometer: Please make sure to have an oven thermometer! I receive a lot of troubleshooting questions and the great majority are issues caused due to not having an oven thermometer.

Oven temperature: Please experiment with your own oven temperature. Temperatures will vary depending on your oven and technique. It’s important to experiment and see what works best for your own oven. In my old oven I used to bake this same recipe at 310ºF. However, with my new oven, I bake it at 285ºF. This comes to show that the temperature will vary greatly depending on your own oven. Please experiment and find out what works best for you.

Troubleshooting: if your macarons are exploding, flattening out, with the feet spreading to the sides, that can mean a few things:

1- hot oven (make sure to have oven thermometer and experiment with the optimal oven temperature for your oven).

2- over mixed batter. It’s really easy to over mix vegan macaron batter. Mix it just until it starts to flow. Watch the videos on my youtube channel for reference.

3- under whipped meringue: make sure the meringue has really stiff peaks. It can take some time. Just be patient.
- 150 g de harina de almendras
- 200 g de azúcar glas
- 2 cucharaditas de polvo de remolacha (opcional para dar color)
- 120 ml de agua de aquafaba (el líquido de los garbanzos enlatados)
- 1/4 de cucharadita de cremor tártaro
- 60 g de azúcar granulado
- 1/2 cucharadita de extracto de vainilla
- Relleno de frambuesa vegano (puedes usar mermelada de frambuesa vegana)

1. Precalienta el horno a 160°C y forra una bandeja para hornear con papel de hornear.
2. En un tazón grande, tamiza la harina de almendras, el azúcar glas y el polvo de remolacha si lo estás usando. Mezcla bien.
3. En otro tazón, agrega el agua de aquafaba y el cremor tártaro. Bate con una batidora de mano hasta que se formen picos suaves.
4. Agrega el azúcar granulado a la mezcla de aquafaba de a poco, batiendo constantemente, hasta que se formen picos firmes.
5. Agrega el extracto de vainilla y mezcla suavemente.
6. Incorpora la mezcla de aquafaba a los ingredientes secos tamizados. Mezcla suavemente con una espátula hasta que esté bien combinado y se forme una masa suave y brillante.
7. Llena una manga pastelera con la masa y forma pequeños círculos en la bandeja para hornear forrada. Deben tener aproximadamente 2 cm de diámetro.
8. Golpea suavemente la bandeja contra la encimera para eliminar cualquier burbuja de aire en los macarons.
9. Deja reposar los macarons durante aproximadamente 30 minutos o hasta que se forme una costra en la parte superior.
10. Hornea en el horno precalentado durante 15-18 minutos, o hasta que estén ligeramente dorados en los bordes.
11. Retira del horno y deja enfriar completamente antes de quitar los macarons de la bandeja.
12. Una vez que los macarons estén fríos, puedes rellenarlos con el relleno de frambuesa vegano. Simplemente agrega una cucharadita de mermelada de frambuesa vegana en el centro de la mitad de los macarons y luego coloca otro macaron encima para formar un sándwich.
13. Sirve y disfruta de tus deliciosos Vegan Raspberry Macarons.

¡Disfruta de esta deliciosa receta vegana!

Hello everyone today i'm going to  show you how to make this vegan   raspberry macarons they're made using the  french method with aquafaba and they're   filled with a vegan raspberry buttercream  and raspberry jam if you like this video   give it a thumbs up and subscribe to  my channel i post new videos every week  

Before we begin we're going to measure out and  sift the almond flour and powdered sugar together make sure to use almond flour that is very fine  and that it doesn't clump up too much and also   that is dry if your almond flour is oily or  wet is going to affect your macaron shells

After we've sifted the dry  ingredients let's set them aside now place the aquafaba in the bowl of a  mixer i don't reduce the aquafaba anymore   i use this straight out of a chickpea can start  whipping on low and then add the cream of tartar  

If you don't have cream of tartar you can  simply skip it or you can try using lemon   juice or vinegar the same amount just a quarter  teaspoon i've done it before and it works fine   the cream of tartar the lemon juice or the  vinegar are going to help stabilize the meringue  

Continue to whip as you gradually increase  the speed to medium and then to medium-high once the whisk starts to leave  streak marks on the meringue you   can start adding the granulated  sugar a little bit at a time  

Add a little bit of the granulated sugar whisk  and then proceed to add a little bit more and continue to whip the meringue until the  aquafaba achieves stiff peaks it might take a long   time aquafaba doesn't whip as fast as egg whites  if that's the type of macarons that you're used to making

in the KitchenAid the whole whipping time  for me lasts about 10 minutes but sometimes it might take longer especially if i'm using a hand  mixer it could take even 20 minutes sometimes you should stop whiping when the peaks are  shooting straight up they should not be  

Bent and they should also not be soft and the  meringue should be balling up around the whisk now i have transferred my meringue to this  bowl so i can show you the macaronage a little   bit better add the sifted dry ingredients to the  whipped aquafaba and start folding with a spatula  

If you're gonna use any food coloring this  is the time to edit i'm going to leave my   macarons white this time and also remember  if you're going to add any food coloring   make sure it's gel or powder food coloring you  don't add any liquid food coloring to the meringue  

The folding time for the vegan macaron batter  is actually very very short it's very important   not to over mix the batter otherwise the feet are  going to spread out in the oven when you start to  

Bake it here i'm showing you the foama carnage at  real time i did not speed it up or i did not add   any parts out of this video this is the exactly  amount of time it took to fold the batter

The batter should not be flowing continuously  off the spatula it should have exactly this   consistency transfer the batter to  the piping bag and then begin piping   place the piping bag directly 90 degrees  over the center of each circle template   apply gentle pressure for about three  seconds and then pull the bag up

After you're done piping all the shells slam  the trays against the counter to release any   air bubbles and also use a toothpick to pop any  remaining air bubbles from the surface of the   macarons let the trays rest for 30 to 45 minutes  while the oven preheats until the shells dry  

You can test if the shells are ready to be baked  by touching a macaron gently with your finger   and if it doesn't stick to your finger it  means it's ready to bake i bake my macarons   at a 285 fahrenheit oven it's very important  that you experiment with your own oven to find  

Out the temperature that works best for you  bake for about five minutes and then rotate   the macarons to ensure even baking and to make  sure that the macarons don't come off lopsided   again not every baker has to do this if you have  an oven that has pretty even heat distribution  

You might not have to rotate your trays place a  piece of parchment paper or foil on top of the   macarons to prevent any browning you will know  that the macarons are done baking when you try  

To wiggle one around and it doesn't feel jiggly at  this point you can remove them from the oven now   let's make the vegan raspberry buttercream whip  the vegan cold butter on medium for about 1 minute  

Until creamy remember the butter has to be cold i  used earth balance you can use your favorite brand add the powdered sugar freeze dried raspberry  powder and mix until combined raise the speed   and cream for another minute if you notice  that the buttercream is too stiff or too dry  

Add a little bit of non-dairy milk or water  just a half a teaspoon at a time once you   achieve the perfect consistency and if the  buttercream is too runny maybe the butter   is too hot or maybe you can just add some more  powdered sugar to the buttercream to achieve  

A nice thick consistency once the buttercream  is ready transfer it to a piping bag   pipe a ring of buttercream around  the edges of each bottom shell and then fill the middle with a little bit of jam  

And top with another shell now we are going to  decorate the tops of the macarons i put a tiny   little bit of food coloring in this little bowl  and i'm also adding some clear liquid to it i'm  

Using rum here you can use vodka or anything like  that and don't worry because the alcohol is going   to evaporate and you won't be able to taste the  thing i don't recommend using water to do this   if you don't want to use vodka or  rum you can use any clear extract  

But that might affect the taste depending on  the extract that you're using now you can grab   a paintbrush and a fork dip the paintbrush in the  food coloring and then strike it against the fork   doing quick motions to splatter the top of  the macaroni shells with the food coloring

There you go our macarons are ready  i hope you enjoyed today's recipe   this macarons were absolutely delicious for  the full recipe and full instructions you can   go to my blog i'm going to  put a link down below in the description box   thank you so much for watching bye

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